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Benefit and obligation of WD sales agent

Market support

Provide formal authorization to be proved the legal relationship with WD

Carry out formal brand management, providing general agent with unitary mark

Feed collected customer info back to local agents, which general agent has the priority

Your respected company will be announced as WD representative in WD website with the info of your website, telephone and fax number. Daily visitors of our website is around 200, among which most are professional bearing users and distributions.

WD’s worldwide media advertisements and pulicization

Kinds of free material on products and publicization; current publicizing material available includes: WD intruduction disc as well as catalogue, product catalogues, 3D electronic catalogue made by German professional company, which will be sent to about 800,000 major OEM and can be directly translated into customer’s drawing design;

Frequent gift to customer, such as pens, cups

In case of product release show , exhibition and so on in the country or region where there is WD sales agent, WD will give prior support on time, personnel and cost. In exhibiton of world scale such as Hannove Mess, WD will attend the show together with the agents

Product support

Preferential products provision

Design and production according to customer’s special demand

Support on sales, technique and training

PPAP provided to automobile customers ( should be informed in inquiry)

In case of negotiation of immportant project, technical support from WD is available that WD technicians can attend and help the negotiation.

WD traings in different aspects are available

Technical support on WD’s products and theie application such as product optomization, advice on optimization of customer’s application design

Price support

Preferential price and refund at the end of year as regulated in contract with products are available, and in case of reaching the yearly sales goal, advertisement cost support is available

Special preferential price can be provided after discussion in accordance with some major project

Certain commission is available if you help WD develop the successful project


Reach annual sales target

Popularize WD brand

Without WD admission, don’t purchase products from WD competitor (mainly from China)

Customer’s feedback and satisfaction collection

Annual market research and sales plan for the coming year

Cooperation on WD new products marketing

Required qualification

Company of professional bearing knowledge

With more than 10 staff

Annual bearing sales over 3 million USD

Annual certain sales of WD products (different sales request according to different market)

Following actual info are required to provide to WD