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Iron And Steel Industry



The continuous casting machine is widely used in drawing slabs during the series process of steel making. Composed of ladle turret, mold oscillator, foot rolls and bender and guiding rolls etc., the continuous casting machine protect the liquid metal oxidized by the harmful gas. Using in the continuous casting machine is one of the challenge applications. The bearings are subjected to high loads, low speeds, high temperature and hot water anywhere.
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Mining material for the steel making is a professional job. Heavy mining equipments break up and carry the rocks, and carry the iron ore, coal and limestone for steel making. Pig iron and scrap steel are turned into steel in the sintering machine and blast furnace firstly. The bearings for the mining machines are subjected to the high loads and swiveling capacity.
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Through a series of processes, the raw materials are turned into billets, slabs and ingots now. The slabs are rolled into coil, sheet or rolled plate by rolling mill. The rolling includes hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, sendzimir mills, wire rod mills, rolling mills and straighteners. The bearings used in rolling mills ensure the high loading capacity and extreme accuracy, and the speeds are very important in some key sections.
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Pig iron and scrap steel are turned into steel in the process of converters. The converters are tilting by the help of trunnion and bull gear. WD Bearing Group is specialized in providing precision and special roller bearings for our customers from steelmakers. The special bearings designed for the steel industry with well-sealed and lubricating system can work under high loading capacity, high temperature and have long life.
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